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About Me

Hello! Thank goodness for the internet! Why? Well, it’s thanks to the internet I can do what I do from anywhere in the world. For now that’s on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Oh, I still have lots of clients in my hometown of Denver, Colorado but I’ve taken telecommuting to the extreme.

Media Relations

When I first started the old fashion press release was a great tool. But as print media dwindles and online media takes over, media people are looking for ideas and stories to come to them through their social media outlets. Sure the press release is still viable but how it’s delivered depends on the target. Do we need to tweet the message? Post it LinkedIn? Or simply call the contact?


Have an upcoming event and need to spread the word? Let me help you devise and implement a plan based on your budget and time frame.

Social Media

You know should be using social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn but it’s all too much! I can help you set-up your social media channels as well as manage them for you.

Website Design

Wish you had a blog on your website? Need a new look? Want to add a shopping cart? Let me help you create a new, functional, and easy to edit website.

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